Challenge #23 Destination: Home

My parents are divorced so I grew up between Melbourne and Geelong even though I am currently living in Perth. Do not ask me why I am still over here because I am so desparate to move back East!!!!! This challenge was so easy for me because in Melbourne you can wear whatever the heck you want and nobody will look twice at you!

So this is what I wear at home day to day... my basics!

Weather wise... Victoria is a very tempremental state. Summer is bloody stifling hot and winter is bitterly cold and the hardest part about dressing here is the four seasons in one day thing... hence the umbrella/jacket/scarf and sunnies/T-shirt/hat combo, you never know what the day will bring! I also dress religeously in black... I cant help it, but I try to add colour with my accessories and never take off my Tiffany silverware.

I love the rest of the country but I am totally a biased Victorian and proud to be! Its not the tourist mecca that is Sydney but in my opinion has better culture, history, architecture, food and of course fashion!!

Come visit me when I finally move my ass back there!!!