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Formulated with powerful essential fatty acids (EFA), as well as Argan oil, Shorea butter, Cotton oil, Chamomile oil, Vitamin E and antioxidant, natural Tocotrienols, this body balm immediately and effectively treats dry and very dry skin and is fantastic for the Fall and Winter seasons. Results are visible even with the first application. Highly recommended for sensitive skin types (as all BAKEL products are), EFABODY does not contain any preservatives, silicones, petrochemicals, colorants, alcohol, fragrances or acrylates. Key Ingredients: ARGAN OIL This oil is composed essentially of fatty unsaturated acids and is rich in sterols. It prevents dryness and it reconstitutes the hydro-lipid film. Scientific studies have proven that Argan oil revitalizes the skin and speeds up the vital function of the cells. It prevents signs of aging and softens and hydrates the skin. COTTON OIL Cotton oil is rich in essential acids including linoleic acid that restore the skin's lipid barrier, prevent dehydration and possess a remarkable nourishing and emollient effect. SHOREA BUTTER Shorea butter is rich in triglycerides and for this reason possesses an excellent emollient and nourishing capacity. CHAMOMILE ESSENTIAL OIL Contains a-bisabololo, azulenes and other terpenes. It has antioxidant and soothing qualities. TOCOTRIENOL COMPLEX Tocotrienols are the most powerful natural antioxidants available and they give the greatest protection against the oxidative damage to the skin caused by free radicals, especially those caused from actinic radiation or generated from environmental pollution. VITAMIN E Vitamin E is easily absorbed into the skin and has an occlusive effect on the decrease of water loss by transpiration. Moreover, this efficacy increases with the number of applications. As an antioxidant, vitamin E acts directly on free radicals, reduces and slows down peroxide formation and helps to keep the connective tissue in optimum condition. For this reason, it can be used as a powerful tool in the fight against skin aging. SQUALENE A substance originating from extracting the soaping fraction from olive oil, Squalene has a nutrient, emollient and elasticizing action. PHYTOSTEROLS Naturally occurring substances with a nutrient and elasticizing action. LINOLEIC ACID / LINOLENIC ACID / ARACHIDONIC ACID/ LINSEED ACID (E.F.A.) This complex formed from EFAs (Essential Fatty Acids) contains linoleic acid, linolenic acid and arachidonic acid. These essential fatty acids are fundamental components of cellular membranes, where they carry out important functions. In this complex, the polyunsaturated fatty acids contribute to preserving cellular function. The main action of this complex is to restore to the skin its natural external barrier function, reducing trans-epidermal water loss. It corrects hyperkeratosis and acts to balance sebaceous secretions. Usage: Use EFABODY all over the body daily, applying in circular massaging motions. May also be used as an intensive treatment hair masque before shampooing. 6.7 fl. oz./ 200 mL Designer About Bakel Bakel is scientifically advanced skincare made in Italy. Founded by Dr. Gregoris, a renowned biochemist, Bakel specializes in breakthrough anti-aging treatments formulated with 100% active ingredients scientifically proven to bring real benefits to the skin, nothing else. Bakel does not contain any preservatives, parabens, emulsifiers, colors, fragrance, alcohol, sulfates, silicones or petrochemicals, therefore minimizing any allergy risks and making Bakel skincare suitable also for even the most sensitive skin. Bakel products are used also post dermatologic treatments and plastic surgery. All the ingredients in each Bakel product are scientifically proven to bring real benefits to the skin. All products have been dermatologically tested. Bakel does not use any type of animal derivative in its formulas and does not test on animals. Why Bakel is Different: