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Snuggy Baby Wrap - Solid Snuggy Baby Wrap - Solid

Snuggy Baby wraps have everything that you could want in a baby wrap; comfort, support, and style.Snuggy baby wraps are made with 100% cotton knit fabric. This is a very supportive, stretchy, comfortable fabric for hours of relaxed comfortable babywearing. The wrap measures 5 1/2 yards long. All of the edges have been carefully surged for a finished look. The tail has been tapered so you have a trim knot when you tie the wrap. It has enough stretch to hug your baby close, but enough support that even the largest kids won't sag in this sling. It is also light weight so that you and your baby will stay cool.This baby carrier is completely adjustable so one size fits all. It works between various care givers of all body types. Because you create a custom fit every time you tie it on, the carrier grows with your child, ensuring that they get a comfortable secure fit from the time that they come home until you are ready to stop carrying them (generally around 35 lbs.).Wraps are the best baby carrier for newborns, when they always want to be snuggled up on your chest, close to you. The wrap is also great for nursing in and because it provides such great coverage, you don't even need a nursing cover. It is especially good for distributing the weight of your child when you will be wearing them for long periods of time.

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Seven Everyday Slings, Size 4 Seven Everyday Slings, Size 4

"Cut from a different cloth", these bold and unique fabrics are perfect for moms that don't want typical gear. 97% Cotton 3% Lycra - making it comfortable to wear for both you and your baby and prevents stretching or lose of sling shape over time. full term babies (37 weeks gestation- 6lbs+) to toddlers(35lbs or less). Machine washable.

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