4 Moms 4moms Origami Color Kit 4 Moms 4moms Origami Color Kit

Everything you need to easily change your Origami's color is in a Color Kit! Choose from five bold colors all machine-washable

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4 Moms 4moms Origami Color Kits for Origami Stroller - Silver 4 Moms 4moms Origami Color Kits for Origami Stroller - Silver

The revolutionary power folding stroller from 4 Moms Easy To Use Power Folding It s the world s first power folding stroller at the touch of a button it folds itself To open or close the stroller just push that button and relax while the rest takes care of itself LCD Screen 1 Battery Life Indicator 2 Child Safety Sensor 3 Thermometer 4 Lifetime and Trip Odometers 5 Speedometer No Disassembly Required You shouldn t have to take a stroller apart to fold it Why should you have to remove the seat or unscrew the wheels when the last thing you need is more pieces to keep track of The Origami folds into one neat package seat wheels and storage bag included One Push Brake Lock or unlock both wheels with one click just like a ball point pen Sunroof Peek a boo window How about a sunroof Keep an eye on your baby whether your sunshade is open or closed No KICK ZONE It s hardly a stroll if you keep kicking some horizontal support bar on your stroller The Origami s design leaves lots of open space f

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