Airflow Little Bamboo Blanket-Bassinet Airflow Little Bamboo Blanket-Bassinet

Airflow bamboo blankets are extremely breathable and this amazingly soft and delicate blanket is perfect against baby's skin. Fabulously serviceable, the beautiful silky fell continues with machine washing and drying. It is naturally anti-bacterial. Leading Australian bedding brand, Little Bamboo, supply a comprehensive range of bamboo baby textiles. Their sheets, blankets, toweling and muslin range is exceptionally soft- ideal for use next to baby's delicate skin. The bamboo fibers used in the sheets and blankets ensure breathability and versatility; warm in winter and cool in summer. Bamboo has excellent wicking properties to draw moisture and keep baby drier, is naturally antibacterial and less susceptible to clinging odors. In addition, Bamboo is an excellent renewable resource requiring little water and no pesticides to grow making it an organic crop and kind to the planet!

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