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Esque Water Drop Jug
Esque Water Drop Jug 

This series of jugs is Esque Studio's most iconic work. They combine tops that are thick and polished with sides that are thin and transparent to create the visual impression of a falling droplet of water.

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Esque Beaker
Esque Beaker 

Channel your inner-scientist with Esque Studio's thick oversized beaker shown here with colored liquid to highlight the details. Measurement labels are drawn and embedded in the hand blown glass. Designed by Andi Kovel and standing 12 inches tall, each beaker comes with a rubber stopper included.

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Esque Ghost Cake Plate with Lid
Esque Ghost Cake Plate with Lid 

Believers may see an apparition of a cake in this hand blown cake plate and lid. A pearlized rope handle adorns the safe keeper of confections with an enameled black bird that seemingly rests on the delectable.

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Esque Hand-Blown Enamel Lipstick Print Glass "Someone's Cup"
Esque Hand-Blown Enamel Lipstick Print Glass "Someone's Cup" 

They say women mark their territory using all sorts of things. In this particular case, lipstick is used as a means to relay that message. Designed by Andi Kovel, Someone's Cup is a play on this idea in a versatile hand blown glass with a fired-on enamel lipstick imprint.

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Esque Glass Cloche
Esque Glass Cloche 

Originally designed to protect watermelons in the field, this modernized, over-sized hand-blown glass cloche is a contemporary kitchen staple.

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Esque Italian Carafe Set
Esque Italian Carafe Set 

Give your home a rustic Italian feel with this hand sculpted wine carafe set. It includes an intentionally misshapen decanter 12 inches in height and 2 wine glasses both 4 inches tall. Designed by Justin Parker, it comes in an opaque opaline.

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Esque Degrade Pitcher
Esque Degrade Pitcher 

Featuring double color fades in contrasting colors, the Dégradé Pitcher makes a stunning accessory to any table top. As these gorgeous pitchers are handmade to order, each piece will be slightly different from the next. It's one-of-a-kind beauty for your home.

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Esque Glass Pitcher & Cup Set
Esque Glass Pitcher & Cup Set 

To keep water at hand, Esque Studio has handcrafted these charmingly off-kilter cup and pitcher sets. Ideal for a bedside table, desktop or dinner party, they're a bright choice for a perfect pour.

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Esque Off Pitcher Set
Esque Off Pitcher Set 

Give your table top a interesting update with this hand sculpted pitcher and cup that's slightly "off." Perfect for your bedside table, the cup is designed to rest atop the neck of the pitcher, creating a barrier for unwanted fuzzies in both your water and cup. Designed by Justin Park and Andi Kovel, the pitcher stands 12 inches tall with a 4 inch tall cup.

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Esque Acidic and Basic Jigger Oil & Vinegar Set
Esque Acidic and Basic Jigger Oil & Vinegar Set 

Every table needs a basic jigger set. Esque studio's hand sculpted oil and vinegar set features long, elegant necks with complementary pour spouts. Your salads and bread have never been happier.

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Esque Hand Blown Glass "Acid & Poison" (Set of 2)
Esque Hand Blown Glass "Acid & Poison" (Set of 2) 

Pick your poison and serve it up in a slightly sinister glass that gives an element of macabre to your next night of entertaining. This set of two unconventional glasses are blown thin and heated to the point of soft collapse, and then stamped with the words "POISON" on one and "ACID" on the other.

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Esque Decanter
Esque Decanter 

Make a tall and heavy statement with Esque Studio's decanter complete with ground glass stopper. Designed by Justin Parker, each hand blown decanter is 16 to 18 inches in height and available in three silhouettes vodka, cognac or tequila.

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