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Sigma Beauty Eye Shadow

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Sigma Beauty Warm Neutrals Eye Shadow Palette
Sigma Beauty Warm Neutrals Eye Shadow Palette 

The Sigma Beauty Warm Neutrals Eye Shadow Palette is comprised of 12 new neutral shades of rich, warm hues giving you the ability to create endless options for a lit-from-within glow. This collection features matte, frost, sheen, duo-chrome and shimmer finishes. Paraben-free. Included in Palette: Shade: Oyster Sand Color Description: Soft, Light Pink with Periwinkle Undertones Finish: Duo-Chrome Shade: Sugar Milk Color Description: Milky, Vanilla CrÚme Finish: Matte Shade: Mild Mannered Color Description: Milk Chocolate Strawberry Finish: Sheen Shade: Dove Color Description: Rich, Taupe Brown Finish: Frost Shade: Fawn Color Description: Light Mushroom Finish: Dimensional Frost Shade: Cinnamon Color Description: Medium Cinnamon Brown Finish: Matte Shade: Russet Color Description: Deep Burgundy Finish: Sheen Shade: Balanced Color Description: Golden Peach Sugar Finish: Frost Shade: Cozy Color Description: Cool, Medium Brown Finish: Matte Shade: Innocent Color Description: Nude Pink Finish: Matte Shade: Optimistic Color Description: Sophisticated Watermelon Finish: Shimmer Shade: Warm Stone Color Description: Dark brown with Specks of Gold Finish: Glimmer © 2013 Sigma Enterprises, LLC

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