Christian Dior Capture Totale Multi-Perfection Eye Treatment Christian Dior Capture Totale Multi-Perfection Eye Treatment

Thanks to its deep-reaching action, the Capture Totale multi-perfection eye treatment corrects all the visible signs of ageing in the eye area, such as crow's feet lines and wrinkles and the loss of firmness and radiance, even more intensely. Especially formulated for the most delicate area of the face, this smooth and silky fluid is instantly absorbed, leaving the skin with a sensation of total and lasting comfort. Immediately: Wrinkles are visibly smoothed: -18%1. and day after day: -29%2. After 1 month, eyelids are lifted: +12%3. After 8 weeks, the eye area gains: Intense radiance: +28%2. Firmness: +28%2. Bags and dark shadows fade dramatically: -28% for bags. And -31% for dark shadows. LONGOZA, THE ANTI-AGEING JEWEL OF DIOR GARDENS Discovered in Madagascar twenty years ago by Dior ethnobotanists, longoza has become the outstanding natural activator of Capture Totale skincare. Ten years of research have enabled scientists at Dior to reveal its multiple anti-ageing properties and exceptional regenerative power on skin cells. THE RANOMAFANA GARDEN - MADAGASCAR In this Dior Garden, with its exceptional soil, each flower gives birth to a scarlet fruit whose characteristic colour signals full maturity and the promise of about twenty precious seeds. From collecting the flowers to obtaining its seeds, the Longoza harvest uses genuine savoir-faire that respects local traditions.

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