Satsuma Designs Velour Infant Car Seat Liner Satsuma Designs Velour Infant Car Seat Liner

Satsuma Designs'car seat liner is a great solution for what many consider a necessity to keep baby comfortable while on the go. Our heavyweight velour, double-ply car seat liner is a .75 style that fits any infant 'bucket' car seat. No scratchy Velcro and features an innovative design that slips over top of bucket without need for straps, snaps or holes. Satsuma Designs products are easy to care for, durable, elegantly fashioned. The car seat liner features our iconic Satsuma Designs logo label and care instructions. Our products are fashioned from bamboo viscose, which is a material softer than the softest cotton making it a great material for use in childres accessories and apparel. While standard care instructions apply, Satsuma Designs recommends cold and gentle machine washing and line drying.

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