Marvel Boy's Quartz Plastic Casual Watch, Color:Black (Model: AVGKD130) Marvel Boy's Quartz Plastic Casual Watch, Color:Black (Model: AVGKD130)

Bright! Kicky! Playful! Quirky! Why not have some fun for a change Ditch the old serious and dull dressed up looks for something totally wild wacky and off-the-wall! Shock your friends! Amaze your teachers! Baffle your parents! This style of Avengers watches are an absolute kick! They are bright original-looking color combinations and revolutionary designs are not just awe-inspiring they are remarkable! This Avengers watch that you select is powered by a quartz movement encased in a blue color durable plastic 36MM wide case thats 12MM thick and secures completely to your wrist with a multicolor polyurethane strap This Avengers watch is like fashion watches but with a sense of humor! This watch also contains such outstanding features as a multicolored dial and is totally protected by a plastic style crystal Your friends all think they have the very latest in fashion and style Just wait until you show up with your brand new Avengers watch and then just wait for the questions of Where did you buy it and Where can I get it Not only will you be amazed with the design and accuracy of this fantastic timepiece but when you show up to a party with this little beauty you can guarantee that all eyes will be on you!

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