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Rumble Tuff ST108 Rumble-Luv Baby Care Gift Set - Baby-Luv Rumble Tuff ST108 Rumble-Luv Baby Care Gift Set - Baby-Luv

Rumble Tuff Baby Luv includes the Digital Thermometer, Melody Maker, and three detachable pacifiers. Our soft and comfortable pacifiers are not only suitable for daily use, but they can be attached to the Melody Maker to provide soothing music, or to the Digital Thermometer to monitor your baby's temperature. The Rumble Tuff detachable Pacifier Thermometer provides fast and reliable measurements of our baby's temperature. It features memory of the last reading, beeper and fever alarm functions. Unlike other pacifier thermometers that must be kept away from your baby when not in use; our specially designed thermometer is detachable from the pacifier. This special feature allows your baby to use the pacifier everyday and attach the thermometer only when needed. You can also choose to attach the Melody Maker to any of the pacifiers to entertain your baby. All three pacifiers can be sanitized regularly.Three detachable cherry-shaped pacifiers.Easy to sanitize without damaging the electronic components.Digital Thermometer for fast accurate temperature readings.Melody Maker with a soothing lullaby.Standard Module with handle.Color: Baby-Luv.Size: 0-36 Months.Battery life: 200 hours.Standing screen display size: 0.75 inches.Origin: Imported (China).

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