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Sorbet Snuggy Baby Dot Wet Bag Sorbet Snuggy Baby Dot Wet Bag

Great for cloth diapers, wet/dirty clothes, potty training accidents, sweaty gym clothes, make- up bag, etc.,Waterproof lining sewn separately, prevents wicking.,Snap Open Handle makes it easy to hang from stroller, wrist, or handle.,Fun Mod Dot Print,12" x 11". Snuggy Baby wet bags are the perfect solution to all kinds of messes. The waterproof lining keeps all of your wet and powdery messes contained. with fun, decorative styles that everyone can love. An absolute must have for new parents, this wet bag is for more than just cloth diapers. Use it to contain all kinds of baby messes and keep your diaper bag clean. As your baby gets older it is great for containing all kinds of potty training accidents, or other kinds of spills that require a change of clothes. It is also a great essential to take to the beach or gym to keep your wet/sweaty/sandy clothes in. Snuggy Baby wet bags measure approx. 12" x 11" and have a snap open handle that makes it easy to hang from your stroller, wrist, or door handle.

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