Kenwood Tagliolini Cutter Kenwood Tagliolini Cutter

Tagliolini is a thin, string-like pasta. After using the pasta Roller attachment, use this cutter to create 2mm tagliolini.

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Kenwood Pasta Roller Kenwood Pasta Roller

Ideal for pastas like lasagna, ravioli and tortellini. It can even be used for rolling out fondant icing! Made from high quality stainless steel. An extended rolling arm helps to feed pasta into the attachment. Adjustable knob for different thicknesses of flat pasta.

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Kenwood Food Grinder Attachment Kenwood Food Grinder Attachment

This high-performance multi-food grinder works as an attachment to other Kenwood kitchen appliances and allows the preparation of various foods from burgers and lasagna, to nuts and other dishes.

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