Suck UK Solar Sun Jar Suck UK Solar Sun Jar

Pink Sun Jar Our Pink Sun Jar creates a beautiful warm glow when it gets dark. Perfect for conservatories, summer evenings in the garden or those afraid of the dark, Sun Jars provide up to 8 hours of light in one charge! Presented as an attractive, frosted glass preserve jar, the concealed solar panel stores energy from daylight. A light sensor tells the solar jar when it is dark and it automatically uses the stored energy to power a beautiful pink glow. With a waterproof seal, you can use the solar powered light jar outside! Create a fairy-like ambiance around your garden as you enjoy evening BBQ's, parties or just a stroll round. The Sun Jar also acts as a comforting night light for children. Put it by the window to charge the battery in the day and at night, place it anywhere in the room to aid a peaceful nights rest. If you are looking for unique house warming gifts, the soft light produced from the Sun Jar should make them feel right at home.

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