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Shimano Shoes For Men

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Shimano SH-XC31 Mountain Bike Shoes - Men's , 47.0 Shimano SH-XC31 Mountain Bike Shoes - Men's , 47.0 More Info Product cell

éWhen looking for mountain biking shoes, comfort and efficiency are the two most important criteria to consider. With their solid uppers, fiberglass-reinforced soles, and inimitable Dynalast design, the Shimano SH-XC31 Mountain Bike Shoes meet them both. The XC31s' knack for smoothing the trail is appreciated, but the shoes' real star is their inclusion of Shimano's Dynalast technology at such a forgiving price point. Dynalast increases your pedal efficiency by a claimed . 56%. While that doesn't seem like much at first blush, any cyclist who's ridden for longer than two hours understands the importance of marginal gains like this. They can be the difference between finishing a group ride or race at the front or struggling to hang on. Dynalast involves lowering the toe-spring and heel section of the last while keeping the arch and metatarsal areas at the same height. This creates an optimal pedaling angle for leading into and exiting the up-swing of your pedal stroke, so the dead spot is shortened and your efficiency is increased with each turn of the crank. The polyamide outsole is reinforced with fiberglass threads to strike a balance between stiffness and the amount of vibration that it transfers to your feet. After all, energy transference is a two-way street, so while the XC31s aren't ideal for a one-hour hammerfest race, they will keep you comfortable in the saddle for half-day adventures. It's mated to a synthetic leather upper that beats its natural counterpart in every aspect where it counts. The synthetic is less-stretchy, more durable, and lighter, so the XC31s' ability to resist deformation and shrug off grasping twigs and the occasional chance encounter with a rock or trunk doesn't come at the expense of weight.é

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Shimano TR9 Triathlon Shoes 2016 Shimano TR9 Triathlon Shoes 2016 More Info Product cell

éthe shimano tr9 triathlon blue shoes 2017 are specially designed for the practice of triathlon thanks to the quick velcro strip simplifies the entry of foot and accelerating transitions. these shoes feature an asymmetrical strap at the heel that allows you to insert fingers through it to anchor the shoes quickly during transitions. its leading-edge anatomical with air intake maintains rigidity as well as perspiration. this property is enhanced thanks to its breathable 3d mesh that provides excellent ventilation. in addition, they have ultra-rigid but very light carbon fiber outsole. tr9 shoes fit pedals pd-9000. features: -shoes for triathlon. -close velcro to simplify the entry of the foot. -quick anchor during transitions. -leading-edge anatomical with air intake. -excellent breathability. -carbon fibre sole: rigidity and lightness. -adapt to the pedals pd-9000. -weight: 500 g. approximately.é

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Shimano SH-AM9 Mountain Bike Shoes - Men's ,.0 Shimano SH-AM9 Mountain Bike Shoes - Men's ,.0 More Info Product cell

éHeading out for a day of rowdy descents requires shoes that can keep up with frequent sections of rough trail, split-second decisions to clip out or step off, and pedaling hard through fire road transitions. The Shimano SH-AM9 Mountain Bike Shoes were made to withstand the demands of all-mountain, enduro, and downhill rides, and their lightweight construction and palatable price make them a solid companion on the trails. The synthetic leather upper on the shoes works with lightweight EVA foam construction throughout to maintain the each shoe's low overall weight while added features like a Pedal Channel create a more stable interface between the shoe and the pedal when you're clipped out and coasting. For the times you need to jump off and walk your bike, the heel and toe areas of the SH-AM9 are treated with added traction to improve your grip, with the sole earning a five on Shimano's stiffness scale. An asymmetrical shield covers the shoe's lace-up closure, acting as a barrier against trailside rocks and debris, and the ankle is finished with a raised collar for added support.é

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Shimano Men's SH-RP2 Shimano Men's SH-RP2 More Info Product cell

éThe essential performance shoe for beginning enthusiasts.é

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Shimano 2015 Mens R065 Shoes Mens UK 7.9 / US 8.9 / EU Shimano 2015 Mens R065 Shoes Mens UK 7.9 / US 8.9 / EU More Info Product cell

é2015 Shimano Mens R065 Shoes Black Shimano Mens UK 7.9 / US 8.9 / EU 43é

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Shimano Men's Sh-Am5 Mountain Bike Shoe Shimano Men's Sh-Am5 Mountain Bike Shoe More Info Product cell

éEmbrace your unique style without sacrificing protection and control.é

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Shimano Triathlon Cycling Shoes SH-TR32 White/Black / Shimano Triathlon Cycling Shoes SH-TR32 White/Black / More Info Product cell

éShimano Triathlon Cycling Shoes SH-TR32 White/Black / #45 SPD-SL Velcro closuresé

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Shimano SH-M065 Entry Level Mountain Bike Sport Shoe -41.0 Shimano SH-M065 Entry Level Mountain Bike Sport Shoe -41.0 More Info Product cell

éWhereas Shimano's XC line of shoes is aiming for the podium, Shimano also understands that not everyone's aspirations are competitive, and not everyone wants to waddle around off the bike in those soccer-cleat-like mountain shoes that are all too common. The company's solution comes in the form of shoes like the Shimano SH-M065, designed for competent pedaling performance and comfort on the bike, without compromising more practical benefits as simple as off-the-bike traction and "walkability." Like all M-series shoes, the M065's upper is made of a durable blend of synthetic leather and breathable polyester mesh. Your feet are secured inside by two hook-and-loop closure straps, spaced widely and backed by a panel that spans both straps to ensure protection and comfortable distribution of the straps' fit, so as to reduce pressure and hot spots while pedaling. The M065's are a bit heavier that the more expensive M163s, and they lack the M163's supportive Cross-X brace for a snug fit, but they still promise the same comfort. The relatively high-volume last isn't as snug-fitting as Shimano's competition-oriented XC shoe line, meaning the M065s are more comfortable for longer days and for hiking off the bike. The shoe's sole is made of a polyamide/fiberglass composite to keep it light and stiff without the higher costs associated with using carbon. The broad-area rubber outsole, as mentioned, is designed for ample off-the-bike traction and "walkability," even on smooth surfaces, which affords the added benefit of traction on the pedals even if you come unclipped or can't engage the cleat in time. Overall, they're great shoes for someone wanting a mountain bike shoe without the awkward walking or tight fit associated with most of them.é

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Shimano SH-M089LE Off-Road Mountain Bike Shoe Wide Last -44.0 Shimano SH-M089LE Off-Road Mountain Bike Shoe Wide Last -44.0 More Info Product cell

éMost recreational riders don't need a shoe quiver, but it's still sweet to have kicks that can handle everything from cruises to race day. Shimano's SH-M089 Mountain Bike Shoes excel when the going gets variable, with a combination of power, comfort, and adaptability that sets them apart from most other trail shoes out there. The synthetic leather and mesh upper is tough, flexible, and breathable, and it resists stretching so you don't wake up one morning to find that your shoes don't fit anymore. By combining a ratcheting top strap with two smaller hook-and-loop straps, Shimano endows the SH-M089 with a highly adjustable fit, relieving the pinch that can be caused by strong push-off, especially when you're out of the saddle. The toe box has a little extra room (and the SH-M089 is available in a wide version, for the fat-footed among us), and the extra-cushioned midsole takes the sting out of hard technical riding and rugged descents. Not content to settle for comfort, Shimano designed the SH-M089 with its TORBAL torsional midsole, which allows for a more natural side-to-side "flowing" motion, particularly during descents. This makes for smoother, more predictable cornering without sacrificing power during climbs. The sole, a composite of nylon and fiberglass, puts plenty of power down into the pedals. A wide range of cleat adjustability adds to the M089's versatility, as does the outsole's high-traction rubber, which makes for easier hike-a-bikes and parking-lot traverses.é

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Shimano CT41 Shoes 2016 Shimano CT41 Shoes 2016 More Info Product cell

éthe shimano ct41 shoes 2017 is an ideal model for outputs of leisure which combines cycling with the gait. they have a casual design that ensures the convenience and comfort of the shimano brand. the locking system is classic, a tie which allows a uniform tension and includes a velcro fastening that prevents they engage. the setting is simple and functional. it has a ct template, shock-absorbing rubber eva and shock absorption which improves the comfort of the rider during his departure. the eva midsole also boasts a flexible rod that enhances walk-ride comfort and shock absorption. they have been optimized for use with the system of pedals click'r that has a lighter spring for a placement and release more simple and intuitive. it is 60% easier to place and jarring than the usual shimano spd system. it also provides better control of the bike, less fatigue and more comfort. features: -versatile model: cycling and gait. -breathable mesh upper. -closure of loop with velcro fastening. -template ct, shock-absorbing rubber eva with shock absorption. -last performance tour: comfortable fit. -with impact-absorbing eva midsole. -flexible ladder rod. -click pedal system ' r. -perfect integration with pd-t400. -weight: 676 gr. (size 40).é

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Shimano S1000R H20 Cycling Overshoes - X Large (Euro Size 44-47) Shimano S1000R H20 Cycling Overshoes - X Large (Euro Size 44-47) More Info Product cell

éShimano S1000R Overshoes are designed to wear over the top of road cycling shoes, offering protection in wet or windy and cold conditions. Features:1mm BCF overshoe with waterproof PU coatingIdeal for wet or windy conditions when the temperature is not exceptionally lowUnique Optimal Panel Construction ensures excellent fit with no creasing or bunching of the fabricR version is designed to fit road shoesé

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Shimano RP5 Shoes 2016 Shimano RP5 Shoes 2016 More Info Product cell

éthe shimano rp5 black shoes provide a perfect balance of power restraint and absolute comfort throughout the day and are suitable for competition. these shoes have a locking system adaptable that adjusts to different heights of instep and forms of placement. its sole is made of nylon reinforced with fiber glass and plate of composite carbon fibre for maximum power transfer. they are made with durable synthetic leather and mesh high resistance. the front panel is minimalist, without excess of design and absolutely focused on sports performance. the rp500 are compatible with spd and spd-sl cleats and adapt to the pedals pd-5800. features: -road cycling shoes. -suitable for competition. -perfect fit. -sole reinforced with fiberglass and carbon. -durable synthetic leather. -front minimalist. -compatible with spd and spd-sl cleats. -micrometric closure. -adapt to the pedals pd-5800. -weight: 500 grams approximately. -do not include cleats.é

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Shimano Men's Sh-Am7 Mountain Bike Shoe Shimano Men's Sh-Am7 Mountain Bike Shoe More Info Product cell

éDurable, high grip outsole for maximum control without clipping in.é

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