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Mizensir Perfumes & Fragrances For Women

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Mizensir L'Envers du Paradis
Mizensir L'Envers du Paradis 

Overview The Mizensir L'Envers du Paradis eau de parfum draws the freshness out of pink pepper by fusing it with green cardamom, cascalone and bergamot. A fragrance of contrasts, its heart is spicy and fresh with sensual ambrox blended with the musky notes of muscenone and clearwood. The vibrancy of hot and cold is bottled in this perfume that evokes the idea of charcoal on ice. Top notes: Calabrian bergamot, pink pepper Middle notes: Guatemalan cardamom Base notes: Ambrox, musk Eau de Parfum 100ml

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Mizensir Luxury
Mizensir Luxury 

Overview Mizensir Luxury Eau de Parfum was created with the aim to magnify the natural scent of skin. The most luxurious ingredients have been sourced to make this perfume evoke the scent of a private beauty parlour. Orange tree flower, iris and irone blend together for a scent that is floral yet powdery. A trail of benzoin, vanilla and tonka beans leaves this decadent fragrance with a soft and sensual finish. Top notes: Orange blossom, bergamot Middle notes: Ambrox, iris Base notes: Benzoin, Tahitian vanilla, tonka bean, white musk Eau de Parfum 100ml

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Mizensir Sweet Praline
Mizensir Sweet Praline 

Overview Neither overly sweet nor syrupy, Sweet Praline by Mizensir is a subtle blend of heavenly raspberry notes with barely-there caramelised benzoin and Chinese sambac jasmine. Notes of frankincense and papyrus wood enhance the fragrance and adds a certain elegance with its spicy notes. Top notes: Strawberry, hedione Middle notes: Jasmine sambac, incense Base notes: Benzoin, ambrox, papyrus Eau de Parfum

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Mizensir Perfect Oud
Mizensir Perfect Oud 

Overview Mizensir Perfect Oud evokes the memory of bright red embers of oud wood burning to release the full intensity of woody smoke. The rarely used Alaska cedar dominates the heart of the scent, while coriander and bergamot oils cool down the fragrance. This Eau de Parfum blends notes of rose and iris, which gracefully lifts the scent of smoke to invigorate the senses. Top notes: Bulgarian rose, bergamot, coriander Middle notes: Iris, oud Base notes: Cedar, juniper Eau de Parfum 100ml

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Mizensir Elixir de Musc (EDP)
Mizensir Elixir de Musc (EDP) 

Overview Elixir de Musc Eau de Parfum from Mizensir is a floral woody parfum for skin that sleeps beneath the sun. Perfumer Alberto Morillas crafted the fragrance to be as condensed as an elixir and filled with powdery musk.To intensify this concept, Elixir de Musc has notop note. This perfume should be worn like a second skin, beaming and warm, enriched with a heart of iris and intensely powerful musks. Eau de Parfum Fragrance notes: Iris, amberwood, musk, amber, helitrope Extrait de Parfum 100ml

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Mizensir Edition de Veronique
Mizensir Edition de Veronique 

Overview Edition de Veronique by Mizensir opens with the soft and sensual note of white musk. Understated yet incredibly charismatic, this perfume is infused with flowers using a traditional method used only by the great perfume houses. The fragrance blends a fresh rose infusion and sambac jasmine, with an added hint of citrus. Iris absolute and woody notes make up the heart of the Edition de Veronique scent before finishing with amber wood and musk to expand the magic of this floral bouquet. Top notes: Rose de Mai, jasmine sambac, citrus Middle notes: Iris, juniper Base notes: White musk, amberwood Eau de Parfum 100ml

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Mizensir Original Oud (EDP, 100ml)
Mizensir Original Oud (EDP, 100ml) 

Overview The Original Oud Eau de Parfum is entirely built around the decadent wood leather scent of Laotian oud. Powerful and mysterious, the Original Oud evokes a deep forest in Laos with just a few rays of light breaking through. With green cardamom to bring out the intensity and a blend of iris and geranium for the ultimate elegance, this fragrance is both rare and intense. Top notes: Bourbon geranium, cardamom Middle notes: Gurjum balsam, woody notes, leather, iris Base notes: White wood, sandalwood, Laotian oud Eau de Parfum 100ml

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Mizensir Alma de Rosario
Mizensir Alma de Rosario 

Overview Delicate, fresh and colourful, this musky floral perfume is reminiscent of a garden at dawn drenched with the first rays of light. The opening is a blend of calone with bergamot and violet leaf before moving to a mellow orange blossom, lily and jasmine petals. This joyful spring perfume is softened by the powdery notes of ambrette seeds and white musk for a scent that is soft yet decadent. Top notes: Calabrian bergamot, calone, violet leaf Middle notes: Orange blossom, lily, jasmine Base notes: Ambrette seeds, white musk Eau de Parfum 100ml

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Mizensir L'Ombre du Lys
Mizensir L'Ombre du Lys 

Overview Mizensir's ode to lilies plays with the contradictions of this mysterious and highly metaphorical flower. Neroli and orange blossom are embedded into the fragrance to contrast with the heady tuberose, whilst white musk is blended with sandalwood to soften and add sensuality. L'Ombre du Lys is for the self-assured and assertive woman with a strong sense of self. Top notes: Hedione, tunisian neroli Middle notes: Indian tuberose, orange blossom Base notes: Sandalwood, white musk Eau de Parfum

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Mizensir Mythique Vetyver (Eau de Parfum)
Mizensir Mythique Vetyver (Eau de Parfum) 

Overview The most predominant and stylish oil in men's perfumery, vetiver leaves an everlasting mark on those who cross its woody path. Mythique Vetyver hosts a combination of citrus and bergamot notes before moving to a heart of geranium. The base has a dense and smoky feeling enhanced with papyrus, patchouli and labdanum, while the heart of this blend is the intense notes of Haitian vetiver. Top notes: Calabrian bergamot, Sicilian lemon Middle notes: Bourbon geranium, labdanum Base notes: Papyrus, Haitian vetiver, patchouli Eau de Parfum

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Mizensir Ideal Oud
Mizensir Ideal Oud 

Overview Ideal Oud by Mizensir is a combination of two opposite raw materials; rose and oud wood. These two contradictory scents play with fragility and power, light and darkness, to create a fragrance that is difficult to pin down. The oud wood note has been combined with a duet of Bulgarian and centifolia roses, and spiced up with rose pepper and saffron. Enhanced with papyrus wood and labdanum, Ideal Oud is both a masculine and feminine fragrance framed in subtlety and mystery. Top notes: Bulgarian rose, rose de mai, pink pepper Middle notes: Ylang-ylang, saffron, oud Base notes: Bourbon vanilla, papyrus, labdanum Eau de Parfum 100ml

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Mizensir Musc Eternel
Mizensir Musc Eternel 

Overview Musc Eternal by Mizensir has a musky and sensual touch which settles like second skin and lifts the everyday. A bouquet of roses, jasmine and white hawthorns, are nestled in a white musk cocoon and finished with the elegance of Florentine iris. The final touch of tonka bean brings an almond feel to the fragrance's trail. Top notes: Bulgarian rose Middle notes: Iris, Egyptian jasmine, hawthorn Base notes: White musk, tonka bean Eau de Parfum

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Mizensir Bois de Mysore
Mizensir Bois de Mysore 

Overview Incorporating the entire journey of sandalwood, Bois de Mysore captures the height of the tree tops down to its root. Green cardamom and violet leaf are combined to evoke the fragrance of the sandalwood leaves. Sri-Lankan sandalwood represents the dense yet soft trunk of the tree while the Vulcanolide white musk suggests the strong roots buried deeply in the ground. Mizensir's Bois de Mysore is a lightly powdered and voluptuous scent that is as mysterious and alluring as a forest in the moonlight. Top notes: Cardamom, neroli, tangerine Middle notes: Violet leaf, jasmine, sandalwood Base note: White musk Eau de Parfum 100ml

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Mizensir Très Chère (EDP)
Mizensir Très Chère (EDP) 

Overview 'Our eyes have only met once but I feel like I have always known you. One second which will last for eternity. One second, just enough time to create this perfume...'' Très Chère Eau de Parfum from Mizensir evokes the romantic meeting of two strangers. The parfum is a harmonius blend of sandalwood, vanilla bourbon, jasminum sambac and orange tree blossom extract. Eau de Parfum Top notes: Orange tree blossom extract Middle notes: Ambroxide, paradisone, jasminum sambac Base notes: Australian sandalwood essential oil, exaltone, vanilla bourbon absolute Extrait de Parfum 100ml

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Mizensir White Neroli
Mizensir White Neroli 

Overview A celebration of neroli oil and made in the purest tradition of perfumery, this White Neroli by Mizensir simply exudes freshness. Infused with neroli oil and orange blossom absolute, this fragrance is highly addictive. Hedione has been added to reinforce the zesty freshness of bergamot oil and enhance the sharpness of the fragrance. White Neroli finishes on a light note of white musk, frankincense, and clearwood, to create an unforgettable scent. Top notes: Calabrian bergamot, Tunisian neroli Middle notes: Orange blossom Base notes: Incense, white musk Eau de Parfum 100ml

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