Shock Absorber Women's Active D+ Underwire Bra Shock Absorber Women's Active D+ Underwire Bra

The Shock Absorber Ultimate Run Women's Support Top A Foreword On Compression The result of compression is an increase in blood flow, through this simple attribute garments can deliver a greater oxygen supply to the muscles in a shorter space of time. The encapsulating fit also eliminates vibration feedback, adding up to a garment that delays the onset of fatigue and lactic acid build up through increased blood flow, yielding improved performance, protection against injury and improved recovery. If your looking to evolve your training, compression gear is the next step. Not all muscles are made equal in the body, thus the compression needs of set muscles differ to unleash optimum performance when active. Designed to utilise a a support mapping system, the top delivers a varying degree of compression ensuring compression levels are optimised for activity and motion. This construction delivers the most precise compression possible. Applying greater pressure to muscles that need it most. Working alongside the compression to add greater stability and reduce vibration feedback the garments employs Variable Silicone Print, which is intended to reduce soft tissue movement in most needed areas. Keeping the skin dry and comfortable the garment features Shock Absorbers Dry Action System, which inherently wicks sweat away from the skin, drawing perspiration away from the body, through to the mid/ outer layer where it is quickly evaporated. Given the nature of the performance materials used within the garment the top offer a superb level of comfort, keeping the wearer cool, dry and focused throughout their training With its gender specific design, Shock Absorber's wealth of knowledge and a sleek, figure hugging fit the Shock Absorber Ultimate Run Women's Support Top is a perfect addition for anyone looking to push their workout that little bit further.

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