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Nubo Cell Dynamic Eye Focus
Nubo Cell Dynamic Eye Focus 

Overview As featured in Marigay McKee's High Five top new beauty treats, in the February 2010 issue of Harrods Magazine. ''I admire the fact that NuBo is constantly one step ahead of the game. Having discovered early on the potential of certain ingredients to replicate the natural production of skin cells, the brand patented something called Cell Dynamic Technology, which tackles the causes as well as the effects of ageing. The latest addition to the Cell Dynamic range, which I've long been anticipating, is an eye cream; using NuBo's technology, along with vitamins E, C and P, Cell Dynamic Eye Focus lifts, firms, hydrates and lightens the under-eye area with immediate results.'' Marigay McKee, Fashion and Beauty Director at Harrods. Fight puffiness Anti-ageing eye cream Tackles dehydration and minimises crow's feet Potent vitamin C reduces the visible appearance of dark circles and fine lines Contains vitamin C, E and P Suitable for all skin types 15ml Biomimetic technology helps replicate the natural processes of young skin cells

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Nubo Cell Dynamic Eye Focus Serum
Nubo Cell Dynamic Eye Focus Serum 

Overview NuBo Eye Focus Serum protects and strengthens the delicate skin under the eyes while reducing under-eye dark circles and eye puffiness. It smoothes the area around the eyes and visibly minimises wrinkles within an hour of application. This paraben-free bio-tech complex contains specially purified natural peptides and enzymes that convert toxins into molecular oxygen. High grade hyaluronic acid with a low molecular weight creates a reservoir of hydration under the skin surface and stimulates the skin's own produce of hyaluronic acid. Strengthens collagen and elastin matrix Protective and strengthening eye serum Stimulates microcirculation to erase dark circles and puffiness Delivers immediate and long-lasting tightening Contains fixative policomplex, pro-vitamin C, vitamin P and sodium hyaluronate 15ml

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Nubo Perfectionist
Nubo Perfectionist 

Overview This translucent, blurring balm immediately mattifies the skin reducing shine, hiding signs of fatigue, disguising imperfections and diminishing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. It soft-focuses the definition of your wrinkles via a clever optical adjustment, resulting from light diffusing minerals that occupy the wrinkle gaps. Coupled with wrinkle reducing peptides, this astonishing cream provides an instant wrinkle erasing perception, while simultaneously reducing their occurrence. Its water resistant qualities provide long lasting sustainable effects. Anti-ageing perfecting cream Stimulates the proliferation of collagen production Light diffusion provides instant wrinkle correction Contains new generation peptides, matrixyl® synthe'6®, Inyline®, Syn-ake®, Blurring Formula 30ml

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Nubo Phyto-White Serum
Nubo Phyto-White Serum 

Overview Phyto-White Serum is a radiance boosting solution for hyper-pigmented skin, with added anti-ageing benefits. A potent combination of lightening bio-actives work to renew lackluster complexions by inhibiting melanin pigment formation and exfoliating dark surface cells. Skin tone is noticeably brighter, radiant and more even, and traces of blemishes are visibly reduced. Radiance boosting serum Breaks down pre-existing pigmentation Cannot be exported to the U.S. Contains phytoblanc and alba-lux Suitable for all skin types 30ml

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Nubo Cell Dynamic Eye Focus Night
Nubo Cell Dynamic Eye Focus Night 

Overview This advanced eye cream from NuBo uses three incredible ingredients to directly fight the cause of dark circles and puffiness. Highly purified molecules derived from Chenopodium quinoa seed extract, caffeine and butchers broom extract work together to drastically improve the appearance of the eye area, giving you a more youthful, awake and vibrant appearance. NuBo Eye Focus Night has a rich but non-greasy texture and is specifically designed to regenerate the eye contour area at night. Helps improve microcirculation Night eye cream Helps strengthen blood vessel walls around eye area Rich, non-greasy texture Contains quinoa seed extract and caffeine 15ml Helps reduce the formation of red blood cells around eye area

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Nubo Hydro Boost Oil-Free Moisturising Gel
Nubo Hydro Boost Oil-Free Moisturising Gel 

Overview With different grades of hyaluronic acid, this molecularly light and easily absorbed moisturising formula delivers deep, long-lasting hydration with no residue. It enhances skin elasticity and firmness and prevents signs of ageing. Oil-free moisturising gel Ideal treatment for oily, blemish and acne prone skin Fragrance free Contains hyaluronic acid and biomolecules from red algae extract 30ml

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Nubo White Diamond Ice-Glow Mask
Nubo White Diamond Ice-Glow Mask 

Overview This oxygenating mask from Nubo is the ideal treatment to restore radiance and glow. The cooling formula revitalises the complexion, erasing signs of tiredness and plumping facial contours, whilst also releasing frown lines and wrinkles. Erases signs of tiredness Cooling face mask Plumps and restores radiance Cannot be exported to the U.S. Contains micro-encapsulated oxygen, Rhodiola, micronized diamonds 50ml

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Nubo Exfoliating Foaming Cleanser
Nubo Exfoliating Foaming Cleanser 

Overview Ideal as a night time cleansing treatment, this skin-smoothing blend of AHA, glycolic acid, seaweed, rose hip oil and vitamins A, C and E helps accelerate cellular turnover. Perfect for oily complexions or mature skin. Exfoliating foaming cleanser Helps to stabilise complexions, therefore preventing blemishes Suitable for mature skin Contains glycolic acid, rose hip oil and vitamins A, C and E 120ml

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Nubo Cell Dynamic Day Performance
Nubo Cell Dynamic Day Performance 

Overview This thirst-quenching cream from NuBo has a long-lasting Rehydration Complex to maintain your skin's vitality all day long and ensure year-round protection against free radicals. The formula will revitalise your skin's own lipids to restore its natural moisture barrier, and prevents wrinkles from forming by guarding against photo-ageing with broad spectrum UVA and UVB sunscreens. Ingredients Otto rose fragrance Anti-ageing face cream Cannot be exported to the U.S. Contains Micro-Algae, vitamin C and E, golden root, hyaluronic acid and moisture magnet 30ml SPF 20 Revitalises your skin's own lipids to restore its natural moisture barrier SPF 20

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Nubo Cell Dynamic The Essence Bio-Gold
Nubo Cell Dynamic The Essence Bio-Gold 

Overview A new self-regenerating serum, The Essence Bio-Gold is formulated with a high concentration of bio-active ingredients, including the bio-available form of 24 karat gold. It sets a complete cycle of cell rejuvenation in motion and mimics the activity of the skin's natural enzymes to convert intrinsic free radicals into essential oxygen and water inside the cell. Anti-ageing serum Helps reduce wrinkle depth and slackening Cannot be exported to the U.S. Contains brown algae complex, vitamin E and pro-vitamin C Suitable for all skin types 30ml

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Nubo Bio-Regenerating Concentrate
Nubo Bio-Regenerating Concentrate 

Overview This cutting-edge bio-regenerative treatment is formulated with a combination of essential amino-acids that work synergistically to combat a host of ageing concerns from wrinkle number, volume and depth, to skin texture resurfacing; skin is left noticeably smoother, denser and firmer. Anti-ageing serum Helps to decrease wrinkle number, depth and volume Cannot be exported to the U.S. Contains Essential Amino-Acids EAA and lyophilisate Suitable for all skin types 30ml

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Nubo Cell Dynamic Overnight Recharge
Nubo Cell Dynamic Overnight Recharge 

Overview This high-performance hyaluronic acid cream is formulated to boost the regenerative effects of sleep. Awaken to a rested and noticeably healthier complexion thanks to NuBo's award-winning Cell Dynamic technology. A night flight essential. Anti-fatigue night cream Ideal for fighting signs of fatigue caused by stress, travel late hours or irregular sleeping patterns Cannot be exported to the U.S. Contains hyaluronic acid, pre-collagen peptide and golden root Suitable for normal to dry skin 30ml

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Nubo Cell Dynamic The Essence
Nubo Cell Dynamic The Essence 

Overview For the ultimate skin performance, cells need the ultimate fuel. This potent daily-use serum contains next generation high performance bio-active ingredients with patented Cell Dynamic technology. The Essence sets in motion a complete cycle of cell rejuvenation and amplifies the activity of Cell Dynamic Cooling After Shave Moisturiser SPF 20. Skin appears immediately lifted and firmer. Serum Promotes skin self-repair and remodels facial contours Boosts skin energy on a cellular lever for long-lasting improvement Contains Cell Dynamic Complex rhodiola, Brown algae complex, vitamin C and E 30ml

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Nubo Vitamin C Brightening Cleanser
Nubo Vitamin C Brightening Cleanser 

Overview This potent Vitamin C-rich cleanser is formulated to illuminate tired and dull skin. The featherless foam removes impurities while respecting the skin's natural moisture balance. It also contains antioxidant-rich superfruits to fight free-radical damage and restore vitality to fatigued skin, leaving it looking fresh, youthful and noticeably brighter. Brightening rinse-off foam cleanser Helps to fight hyperpigmentation and restore moisture levels, while protecting and nourishing the skin Contains rose hip seed, kumquat and seaweed extract Suitable for all skin types 120ml

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Nubo Multivitamin Serum
Nubo Multivitamin Serum 

Overview An antioxidant powerhouse, this potent Multivitamin Serum from Nubo is super-charged with vitamins C, B, E and ferulic acid, which all together boost the natural defences against damaging oxidation caused by pollution, toxins and other environmental aggressors. A super skincare solution that works on multiple levels to ensure beautiful skin that looks significantly brighter, and feels firmer and more supple. Facial serum Helps skin appear brighter Increases moisture; Improves elasticity Antioxidants defend against free radical damage 30ml

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