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Diamancel Fashion for Women

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Diamancel File A22-120 No.3 Coarse 1 Count
Diamancel File A22-120 No.3 Coarse 1 Count 

Flexible, comfortable form of the file allows for easier filing and customized shaping of the nails;Each file is washable, hygienic, durable and salon-tested;Provide optimum results while demanding less time and less effort that traditional nail files;Extremely effective and safe to use;A diamond-encrusted file for naturally very thick nails.

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Diamancel Diamond File For Foot Calluses #20
Diamancel Diamond File For Foot Calluses #20 

What it is:An innovative tool that effortlessly smoothes rough edges on the feet.What it does:This popular foot file features a geometric diamond pattern that expertly buffs away hard corns and calluses. The agile design allows you to file in all directions for optimal ease of use and remarkable results.What else you need to know:This washable must-have will perform effectively for years.This product is not tested on animals. Diamancel was founded in 1994 by Ginette Godbout, a professional in the beauty business for 30 years. Specializing in manicures and pedicures, she was frustrated with the lack of high-end tools available in her industry. She researched the diamond, inspired by its durability, in hopes of creating the ultimate filing instrument that would become the 'Rolls Royce' of all mani/pedi essentials.

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