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Sjal Skincare Fashion for Women

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Sjal Skincare Women's Bio-Regeneratif Serum
Sjal Skincare Women's Bio-Regeneratif Serum 

This new serum is highly active and focuses on cellular regeneration, lifting and wrinkles with the latest targeted peptides complexes at clinical levels. Combined with Sjal's signature gemstone and mineral blend for protection, radiance, energy and even skin tone. Patented Platinum and Peptide Complexes provide comprehensive anti-aging treatment including lifting, regeneration and wrinkle depth reduction. The frequency of Sjal's proprietary gemstone blend containing amethyst, ruby, sapphire, diamond, tourmaline and quartz, vibrationaly resonates at a cellular level, allowing for optimized cellular energy and metabolism, whilst at the same time supporting clarity and microcirculation of the skin. The bio-regeneratif serum is luxuriously light and has a supple texture that easily penetrates the skin with an energizing finish that is ideal for applying either in the day or night. This serum utilizes airless packaging to protect and preserve the products integrity and its unique formula. Benefits: Simulates fibroblast cell division, regenerates tissue, improves elasticity and reduces fine lines and wrinkles Inhibits muscle contraction, reducing the appearance of fine lines caused by facial expression Stimulates collagen synthesis Protects the skin from oxidative stresses Gemstone blends provides micro circulation, clarity and repair Binds water molecules to the skin to help maintain proper hydration Revitalizes the skin's own active defense system reducing sensitivity Enhances antioxidant and metabolics Evens skin tone through an advanced form of Vitamin C Enhances the natural repair process in damaged skin Provides anti-inflammatory actives Boosts moisture to ensure the skin is adequately protected to reduce red, irritated skin Provides barrier protection against dehydration How to use Gently apply after cleansing and toning from face to décolleté and massage into skin. May be used alone, under saphir concentrate anti-aging face oil and/or moisturizer of choice. For maximum results use both day and night. Suitable for all skin types. 1 oz / 30 ml

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Sjal Skincare Women's Mineral Kalla - Energy Tonic
Sjal Skincare Women's Mineral Kalla - Energy Tonic 

This refreshing rose water mist provides dual protection as it counteracts internal stress through immune boosting adaptogens while offering barrier protection. 180ml

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Sjal Skincare Women's Kasmir Saphir Perfecting Mask
Sjal Skincare Women's Kasmir Saphir Perfecting Mask 

A restorative, firming and pore minimizing mask. Protects, softens, calms and evens skin tone while increasing oxygen uptake. Peptides, amino acids and DNA-booster for lifting and firming. Bio-chemical tissue salts and gemstones for cell regeneration, pore minimization and clarity.

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Sjal Skincare Women's Orbe Eye Crème
Sjal Skincare Women's Orbe Eye Crème 

Själ's Orbe eye crème has over 59 active ingredients paired with new biotechnological actives. Highlights: Illuminating eye crème incorporates the latest and most effective biotechnology to visibly help support the delicate structure of the eye and brow area while counteracting signs of aging. Enriched with active molecules from the dark circle detox peptide and a powerful blend of a protein-rich mineral complex (magnesium, copper, iron, and zinc), Själ's breakthrough formula reawakens the skin's natural renewal process to defy aging effects from the environment, reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, and soften discoloration and unevenness. The addition of 8 botanical amino acids promotes moisture and suppleness by binding and attracting water to skin's surface, while promoting the development of elastin, boosting cellular strength, metabolism, and cellular duplication. Eyes look visibly brightened, lifted, toned, and rejuvenated. An unparalleled ultra-rich eye treatment. Lightweight cream texture absorbs easily, soothes, and protects the delicate eye area while providing a perfect level of hydration to all skin types. Orbe contains new moisture technology designed to ensure balanced moisture levels, working according to each skin's unique water loss and retention. Each product in the Själ range is charged with precious minerals and gemstones. Known as electro-stimulants, these mineralsas semiconductors, increasing cellular productivity, performance, repair and penetration while leveraging the effects of the other ingredients. Paraben, silicone, PEG- and fragrance-free.

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Sjal Skincare Women's Balans - Deep Pore Cleanser
Sjal Skincare Women's Balans - Deep Pore Cleanser 

This lightweight, deep pore cleanser hydrates, detoxifies and protects skin while leaving skin perfectly balanced. Contains pearl extract for brightening and detoxification and african whitewood extract to regulate sebum and minimize the appearance of pores. Ideal for both face and body. 180ml.

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