Oakley Women's Gradient Kickback OO4102-03 Aviator Sunglasses Oakley Women's Gradient Kickback OO4102-03 Aviator Sunglasses

If youre an athlete then you know how crucial it is to have quality gear Mediocre equipment simply wont cut it The same thing goes for your athletic apparel Who says you have to sacrifice your fashion sense for prime sports attire has to be They can and should go hand in hand and these Kickback Oakley sunglasses are proof that this is true These shades are strikingly bold in appearance with their blue frames which are made out of high-quality and durable plastic that arent easily broken and provide protection for your face These Oakley specs are so comfortable that you wont mind having them on for hours as you engage in different sporting events and activities Their cool grey lenses are also made out of tough plastic and offer crystal clear vision and protection from dangerous the suns dangerous rays Their aviator shape contribute the sleek and daring look thats sure to boost your confidence in the game and intimidate your competitors So no matter what your sport is these Kickback Oakley sunglasses are for the man whos both committed to athletics and style Made in China Here are some things you should and should not do in caring for your new shades DO wear them outside of just your sporting events prepare to dominate in them and expect people to stop and stare at you (and probably you where you got them) know you look snazzy while wearing them keep them in their case DONT have a boxing match with your friend (or with a stranger) in them play catch with them go diving in the deep blue in them throw them when you get angry or loan them to anyone if you want to stay slick

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Oakley Women's Feedback Sunglasses Oakley Women's Feedback Sunglasses

éthe sky is the limit with oakley feedback, the ultra-feminine classic teardrop shape for women everywhere. For the first time, we blended the beauty of a c5-wire front with the warm tones of an acetate stem – making it the first wire frame sunglass that is truly designed for the active woman. Stellar eye coverage and a snug but comfy head wrap ensure you’re ready for takeoff every time you wear oakley feedback. oakley feedback is a soft silhouette, with a lightweight frame and a flattering double nose bridge style. Plus custom graphics on the stems and afa color flows inspiration that tie the color palette together.é

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