Converse Chuck Taylor Patch Work 5 M/ 7 W Converse Chuck Taylor Patch Work 5 M/ 7 W

éOur beloved Chucks have undergone yet another makeover, but this time it didn't go as smoothly as usual. It seems that the designers got into a bit of a disagreement about which colors and materials to use, and all hell broke loose. After a long debate, they decided to 'patch things up' and the Chuck Taylor All Star Patchwork were born, with a quirky and fun combination of different fabrics, colors, prints and textures. This pair of shoes features: Multiple fabric patches sewn to the canvas upper for an innovative design with unmistakable style. Internationally famous All-Star patch on tongue certifies authenticity. Low-top oxford style for unique look and better breathability. Textile lining for comfort. Lace-up construction for customizable secure fit. Rubber toe cap for added durability and protection. Flexible vulcanized rubber midsole. Hard-wearing rubber outsole resists damage and provides great support. With these versatile kicks, you can be sure that at least one part of your shoes will match the rest of your outfit!é

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