Oakley Women's Polarized Conquest OO4101-07 Aviator Sunglasses Oakley Women's Polarized Conquest OO4101-07 Aviator Sunglasses

Any woman whos compassionate about fashion knows the value of accessories With the right ones they have the ability to both elevate a casual getup and accentuate an elegant ensemble Take this classy pair of Oakley Conquest shades as a prime example Theyre the perfect archetype of a sunglasses that can be worn as an everyday accessory but make for an incredibly chic adornment at the same time Their glossy silver metal frames create a flawlessly sleek look and also make for a lightweight pair Their plastic lenses are a cool tone of yellow which contribute to the casual feel of these shades and also provide unhindered protection and crystal clear vision no matter what type of environment youre in They feature a stylish aviator shape that is flattering on all faces so you can rest assured that these will look great on you If youre a woman with a killer fashion sense then these Oakley Conquest sunglasses will be a perfect addition to your collection of top-notch accessories Made in USA CARE These are your brand new shades and we want to make sure you know how to best care for them Make sure that when you are not wearing them you put them in their designated case that they come with To get the best vision its beneficial to clean them regularly using a cleaning cloth and lens solution Avoid using materials such as your shirt or a paper towel to clean them as this will only cause more scratching Be careful not to distort their shape which can be avoided by using both hands to remove them and not placing them on your head

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Oakley 58 Elmont Gunmetal Round Sunglasses Oakley 58 Elmont Gunmetal Round Sunglasses

Classic pilot shades get the Oakley treatment with sculptural reliefs in a lightweight C 5 alloy frame. A flatter curvature across the front creates a time-honored style. Prizm lens technology means that landscapes are vivid and vibrant and visual acuity is sharpened.

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Oakley Crosshair Silver Rectangle Sunglasses Oakley Crosshair Silver Rectangle Sunglasses

This flashback flows with fluid contours that put a fresh spin on a classic teardrop shape. Sculptural detailing lays down distinction in a durable frame of lightweight C-5 alloy. This is how yesteryear hits the forefront of style, and the vintage flavor is seasoned with premium optical technologies. Unobtainium components keep a grip on comfort. This silver look has black, polarized lenses.

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