Plus Hands-Free Diaper Pail

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Soft Pink
The Diaper Dekor Plus Diaper Pail - Pink holds up to 60 newborn diapers before needing to be emptied, and is truly hands free. A double sealing system that keeps odors in the pail. Dekor has the largest capacity of most major diaper disposal systems on the market. The continuous liner further helps to keep odors in the pail where they belong. Plus with the continuous liner - you use just what you need - not a pre-set size. ABS plastic will not absorb odors like cheaper pails, but Dekor is not overpriced either! The trap door has a lock off to keep curious toddlers out of the pail, but it is hidden beneath the lid so they are less likely to figure it out! Easy to empty and easy to replace the Refill. Each Refill liner holds up to 60 newborn diapers. Dekor now offers a convenient two pack of Cloth Diaper Liners (sold separately). Each Dekor pail comes with the first Refill included. The pail is ready to use - no assembly needed - just take it out and you are ready to go.