Air 6+ Months Soother, Pink 2 per pack - Pack of 6

MAM Air soothers are perfectly designed to see your baby¿s smile allow extra air flow to baby¿s skin thanks to the large air holes. The MAM Silk Teat® feels completely familiar with a proud 94% acceptance rate* and is designed with a symmetrically shaped teat, meaning they are always in the right position. Because babies grow quickly, MAM Soothers come in three different sizes that are ideal for healthy jaw and teeth development. Packed in the convenient Steriliser box, our MAM Soothers are great for parents on the go as they can sterilised anywhere. *Market research 2010-2014, tested with 1,236 babies. Product Features - Extra Air Flow - Orthodontically correct - Steriliser & Travel Box - BPA free - Silk Teat (Silicone) - 6+ months