Quartz Bowl 32cm

NextGen Collection 2011 Winner Quartz- 32cm Bowl . Nachtmann's heritage as a Bavarian glassmaker stretches back over two centuries. We respect our past, of course, but we are eager to shape our future.Looking ahead, we are on a constant quest to find the next generation of talented glassware designers. This search takes us to our own design studios and to leading art colleges around the world. So far, we have tapped into young design talent in Prague, Tokyo, New York and Stockholm. The results have been creatively and commercially uplifting. Fusing cutting-edge ideas with traditional craft skills, we are creating the next generation of modern classics in glass. NextGen 2011 Winner Quartz by Catherine Merrick - Pratt Institue , New York . I'm originally from Connecticut and Las Vegas, the most and least conservative places in the USA. Anyway, I've lived in Brooklyn for 12 years now, so I guess I'm a New Yorker.I took on lots of projects during my time at Pratt, but NextGen was probably the most fulfilling. My initial inspiration came from geode rocks ... ordinary stones with crystals hidden inside. Apparently, quartz sand is one of the basic raw materials for producing crystal glass and I was fascinated by the sparkling surface of its crystalline structure. I explored the possibility of patterning the inside – rather than the outside – of the vessel with a crystal pattern using the geode as a visual metaphor. In the end I decided that it was the pattern itself that should be showcased. The brilliant crystal and the pattern of the bowl have a wonderful sparkling light refraction that people seem to enjoy ... I know I do.