Revue Thommen
Men's Airspeed Heritage 40.5mm Automatic Analog Watch 17081.6132

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Established in 1853, REVUE THOMMEN Swiss Watches has a legacy and history of over 160 years. The new ownership which includes a direct descendant of the founder family and management that has a 3 generations legacy of its own in watchmaking is too from the Waldenburg valley, which traditionally has a strong affiliation with the watch industry, is enthused and dedicated to taking upon the role of carrying the heritage of the brand forward and to bringing it back to its previous glory and beyond, by re-positioning itself in the ""Affordable Luxury Segment"". Passionately created watches, with a great respect for its heritage in watchmaking and a touch of modern simplicity will continue to woo watch aficionados and consumers. A strong affiliation with the roots in manufacturing of mechanical watches, and historically also aircraft instruments, will resume center stage alongside a diverse collection of mechanical Classic, Lifestyle, Aviation and Sport watches.