Christian Dior
Addict Stellar Shine Lipstick

at The Bay
863 D-Sparkle639 Rivera Star595 Stellaire553 Smile623 Hypnotique987 Dior Lunar612 Sideral869 Superstitous554 Dior Solar881 Bohemienne753 Positivity352 D-Galaxy673 Dior Charm536 Lucky571 Starlight769 Dior Fortune976 Be Dior649 Diorosphre439 Dior Moon859 Dior Infinity667 Pink Meteor891 Celestial260 Mirage535 Cd-Dream
Size 3 G
WHAT IT ISThe next-generation lipstick that delivers unparalleled shine. Sheer, vibrant and luminous ready-to-wear colours in three unprecedented shine finishes. 3g. Made in France.WHAT IT DOESDior's Addict Lipstick infusion of aloe vera teamed with oils and waxes, it provides 24h-hydration. At the heart of the lip shine formula are five, ultra-sensorial oils selected for their exceptional glide, shine, nourishment, comfort and softness. 8h-wear* & 24h-hydration*** Instrumental test on 20 women.** Instrumental test on 11 women.HOW TO USE ITGently prime lips with Dior Addict Lip Sugar Scrub, remove excess product.Apply two coats of Dior Addict Stellar Shine on clean lips, moving from the center up to Cupid’s bow and then out to the corners.