Women's Keira Banded Underwire Bra

Black Blue Fawn Nude Coral Chocolate Scarlet Coral1
White Forest Scarlet1 Hyacinth Freesia
Size 34K 34L 34M 34J 34N 34I 36I 36N 36K 36DDD 36J 36M 36L 36H 36G 38H 38DD 38I 38J 38M 38G 38DDD 38K 38N 38L 40K 40I 40M 40N 40G 40H 40DDD 40L 40DD 40J 42M 42DDD 42K 42G 42J 42DD 42N 42H 42L 42I 44G 44DDD 44DD 44J 44H 44I 44L 44K 46J 46H 46G 46K 46DD 46I 46DDD
Wear a smile with the fabulous Keira range, featuring a banded bra. Whether you're after comfort, or a bit more confidence, Keira will leave you glowing all day long.