Couture Maglieria Olanda Wrap

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PRODUCT DETAILS Paladini: Collection – Luxury is no longer a fantasy for special occasions, but a daily privilege that enhances the femininity of every woman. The Gianantonio Paladini collections draw inspiration from the great tradition of Italian lingerie reworked to achieve contemporary, updated designs. These precious fabrics are designed for the greatest comfort on any occasion. • Paladini: Couture Maglieria Olanda Wrap • Chic and casual long sleeve wrap top. • Sophisticated ribbing along neckline and wrists. • Patch pockets. • Removable waist tie secures closure. • Perfect for home, travel and casual outings. • 96% viscose, 4% elastane. • Paladini made in Italy. Collection Details Learn More About Paladini Because luxury is not a dream to be preserved for special occasions, but a daily privilege. This formula expresses the philosophy of Gianantonio A. Paladini Lingerie, a brand with deep roots in the Italian tailoring tradition. Gianni Paladini, a successful businessman with a family history of producing fine lingerie in Milan, and Alba Rose Ceccatelli, an experienced designer with world renowned collections, joined forces with the shared dream of dressing daily life in luxury and honoring the femininity in every woman. Together, Gianni Paladini and Alba Rose Ceccatelli have incorporated a longstanding haute couture tradition into their Italian business, while looking forward to a future of innovation. Each Gianantonio A. Paladini style is studied and worked through in the smallest details. By carefully choosing the most precious raw materials and mixing them with innovative fabrics, the brand reinvents a mix of classic and modern aesthetics. Their signature is an elegant, glamorous and multi-functional style that is always purely Italian. The focus is an idea of femininity that is rich in character, personality and self-respect. The result of these choices is a unique, incomparable style for women all around the world.