T3 Tourmaline
Featherweight Luxe 2i

Size ONE
T3 introduces the next generation of drying. The Featherweight Luxe 2i is Ion Generator-enhanced for fast, healthy, beautiful results. Dry hair fast with enhanced T3 Tourmaline® + SoftAire Technology thats proven to be healthier for your hair than air drying. The included Tourmaline Ceramic Brush styles the perfect blowout with maximum frizz-reducing, shine-enhancing benefits. Proven to be healthier than air drying:reduces frizzincreases bodyincreases shineincreases comb-abilityincreases retentionT3 Technology: T3 SoftAire: Fast = Healthy = BeautifulRegular dryers use a hurricane-like, chaotic windflow which can damage the cuticle and cause split ends, frizz and flyaways. T3 Featherweight Dryers work differently. A specially engineered fan generates a high volume of ion-enriched air that exits the dryer in a wide cone shape at a soft, gentle speed that dries large sections of hairfast. Negative ions in the airflow cancel static and quickly seal the cuticle, which helps hair retain natural moisture, reduces frizz and enhances shine.T3 Tourmaline®: The Secret to Healthy DryingTourmaline is known as the electric stone. When heated, it emits negative ions and healthy infrared heat. T3 uses high quality gemstones and crushes then infuses them into the internal tool components. Other dryers have a spray coating of Tourmaline that can wear off. The proprietary proprietary Tourmaline infusion process infusion process ensures healthy-hair benefits that last.Features and benefits:T3 Tourmaline®: Proprietary infusion process emits negative ions and infrared heat for fast, healthy dryingIonic: Cancels static and seals the cuticle, helping hair retain natural moisture; helps reduce frizz and enhance shineT3 Ion Generator:Maximizes concentration of ions in airfl