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Mitos Natural Elegance Alpaca hat alpaca cap beanie baby alpaca wool

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Size Medium
This hat looks elegant and goes with almost any outfit. Woven with fine alpaca wool, it promises a soft surface. This hat keeps you warm, since alpaca wool can store heat well. This is very durable, natural and has a very elegant look. br> Details: Dry clean or handwash at 30 °C Material: 100% Alpaca Details: Care: Fresh air, Hand wash at 30 ° C or dry clean According to EU textile labeling: 100% alpaca Additional information about the material: This is made out of alpaca wool. Alpacas come from the highlands of the Andes, where they are exposed to extreme weather conditions. However, nature has equipped the alpacas with a fine wool fleece, which has special thermal properties. When it is cold alpaca wool can save the body heat in small air pockets. When it is hot alpaca it can give off the heat. Alpaca contains no lanolin and is therefore also suitable for people who are sensitive to wool. Alpaca wool is very durable, it does not wear out quickly and has little pilling. Products made with alpaca wool are therefore very durable. Due to the length and the small diameter of the alpaca fiber it provides a high comfort level.