Logomania Is Here to Stay and These Are Our Absolute Must-Haves

The latest trend to make a reboot from the decade that brought us neon and scrunchies. Years ago logo's were seen as something tacky. The thought of wearing a t-shirt with even the tiniest hint of branding stamped on it made us CRINGE. But now we're jumping on the bandwagon that so many influencers have already driven and embracing the logo trend. We like to think of it as a nod to our favourite designers.

Scroll on to see our absolute must-have pieces from this oh so 90's trend.

Make A Statement

I mean you could start small with a pair of shoes or a handbag but why not just jump right into this trend with a fully logo-fied piece.

Easy Tees

The easiest way to rock a logo is simply on a t-shirt. Comfy and chic.

Classic Handbag

You really can't go wrong with a designer handbag and one that has the brand logo on it is just a bonus for this trend.

Simple Shoe

Still wanna rock this trend but subtly? Go for a logo shoe.

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