Our #InternationalWomensDay Top Colour Picks

With everything going on in the world this year's International Women's Day celebration is more significant than ever. There are plenty of ways to support this cause but perhaps the easiest one is dressing for the occasion. The colour that you choose to wear is of course personal - but that doesn't mean you can't make it a statement. 

Scroll on to read more about colours you'll be seeing worn on March 8th. 

Black- Solidarity

A colour of powerful camaraderie. Also, very easy to find in your closet and a great statement colour to show your respect to the women fighting so hard for all things #female.

Red - Powerful

People can't help but stop and stare when you're wearing red. It's such a bright statement colour. We love this colour as symbol of power.

Purple - Loyalty

Purple is actually the colour of International Women's Day. It was also one of three colours adopted by the suffragettes so it's meaning speaks volumes.

White - Purity

White is another suffragette colour. It's a uniformity of being good and non-judgemental.

Green - Hope

Yet another colour from the suffragette movement! It was chosen as the Pantone colour of the year in 2017 because it represents hope.

Pink - Femininity

Pink represents everything that is femininity. It represent compassion and love. Something the world needs more of!

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