ShopStyle's Tips For The At-Home Holiday

There's something about spending the holidays in the comfort of your own home that feels so... cozy. Instead of traveling to our relatives, we'll be zoom-calling grandma and grandad, and sipping on a festive cocktail or two.

This season, we're all about perfecting our shortbread, concocting our aunt's favourite mulled wine recipe and maybe testing our hand at a few festive DIY projects.

Below is team ShopStyle's at-home holiday must-haves for a season that's merry and bright!

Shortbread? Gingerbread? All. The. Bread.

Our favourite holiday cookie recipes include the following ingredients: the finest chocolate, extra butter and of course holiday spirit.


Though we don't encourage mixing holiday beverages and online shopping, we won't stop you either. *wink*

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Attempting wreath-making as a holiday tradition? Don't worry, we've got you covered if it starts looking more like a bird's nest than holly jolly-ness.

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