We're Planning Our Vacay Packing List From Neiman Marcus

It's been a long, very cold winter so forgive us if we have nothing but sunshine, pool parties and patio drinks on the brain. Summer vacation is thisclose and we're more than ready to start transforming our wardrobes with beach-ready apparel. Maybe you're already ahead of us and have your vacations booked - or maybe, like us, you'll be spending weekends at the local pool or away at the cottage (we truly, cannot wait!). Whatever your warm weather plans might be your first stop should be Neiman Marcus for everything on your packing list: from sandals to bathing suits, sunglasses and more! Your packing list is ready for checkout ASAP.

Shop our Neiman Marcus vacation picks down below.


Ah, double digits temperatures we've missed you. Plus, you're making getting dressed super easy because now we can just toss on a dress and go - perfect for wearing over your bathing suit or to the many patio parties we'll be attending.


Too lazy to put together an outfit? Let your shoes be the star. This season sandals are super fun with tons of colour, prints, textures and straps. You'll definitely get the lifeguard's attention wearing one of these.


We're super thankful that high-waisted bottoms and one pieces are in style: we can eat all the carbs we want on vacay without a worry in the world. Go ahead girl, order that second Aperol Spritz, these bathing suits have got you covered.


Why is it ever year we can never seem to find our sunglasses? Not complaining though - because this means we have an excuse to upgrade to a new pair. Hint: you can hide last night's mascara under one of these chic styles.

Beach Bags

We need a bag big enough to carry all our essentials: sunscreen, magazine, cell phone charger, rosé - the must haves for any beach or pool day.

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